Questions to Ask Your Contractor When Seeking Rising Damp Repairs

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Rising damp is one of the most common consequences of poor waterproofing in your home. Moisture that may be present on your floors is slowly sucked up the wall and causes damage over time. If you notice brown stains or damaged skirting or lose plastering on your walls, you may have a rising damp problem.

Seeking repairs for rising damp is an important step to take. This is because such damage may interfere with the stability of your walls and make the repair process costlier. As you look for a waterproofing contractor to handle rising damp treatment, make sure to ask the following questions.

1. How will you inspect for water damage?

You should have an idea of what the contractor will do when inspecting your walls and floors for damage. They should be able to identify the source of moisture and determine if the wall's waterproof layer is still in good condition.

Any qualified contractor will be able to walk you through the inspection process and give you an idea of how they'll identify the source of the problem.

2. Which technique will you use to waterproof my walls and floors?

Identifying the source of moisture is just the beginning. You also need to know what steps the contractor will take to prevent future damages from occurring. There are many different ways of repairing rising damp.

Some contractors will apply a special cream that is impermeable to rising water. Others may use a series of rods that are fitted along strategic heights on your wall. Regardless of the technique used, your contractor should apply a damp-proof course that will act as a water barrier to protect your wall from future water damages.

3. Can you re-plaster my walls?

Waterproofing contractors wear many different hats. Some are capable of not only waterproofing your home but also restoring your walls back to their original condition. Ask your contractor whether they can re-plaster walls that have been damaged by rising damp.

4. Can you give me a quote after the inspection?

While it may be challenging for your contractor to give a quote before inspecting the level of damage, they should be able to prepare an accurate quote after the inspection is done. Experienced waterproofing contractors know what it takes to repair current water damage and to install waterproof barriers that prevent future problems from recurring. This knowledge allows them to prepare accurate quotes that you can use for budgeting and preparation.