Demolition: 4 Steps a Contractor Will Take

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This article provides a step-by-step guide to the steps a demolition contractor will take when demolishing a chimney on an industrial site. Read on to find out more!

Preparatory Work

Prior to starting demolition work, the site needs to be made safe for members of the public, neighbouring companies and construction workers. This may include fencing off areas near storage tanks or other hazardous objects so that no one enters the site under any circumstances. The company should also check whether any dangerous substances are stored close to the chimney before demolition begins.

Safety Precautions

Designated construction company members should always wear protective clothing and equipment whilst demolishing a chimney to ensure their own safety. This person must also be trained in first aid, including CPR. In addition, it is preferable for at least two people working on-site who are experienced in health and safety requirements—this will hopefully help reduce the risk of accidents occurring during work.

Standard PPE may include steel toe-capped boots; ear defenders; goggles or face shields; respirator (dust mask if procedures need to be carried out in dusty conditions); coveralls etc. Hidden dangers that are more difficult to spot include asbestos found in older chimneys. Proper training is crucial so that the contractor's team members are aware of where asbestos may be located and the correct procedures for handling such situations.


Before starting work on a chimney, it is essential to assess the structure and state of the building itself properly. A visual inspection will allow staff members to see whether there are any dangerous elements present that might pose a risk to them or neighbouring structures. This will also help identify any potential cracks or weak spots that shouldn't be touched and indicate how long the structure has stood for. This knowledge will then determine what demolition methods should be employed when demolishing the chimney.

Demolition work

Once the site has been prepared, the demolition work can begin. First, any structural components that are too difficult to break down using hand tools will be removed using excavators or cranes with bucket attachments. This may include removing elements such as roof beams and lintels so that workers below can enter and carry out their tasks more safely. You should also remove gutters and gully stacks before beginning work on the chimney itself—this is because these items can become loose during demolishing procedures and cause harm to someone in an unpredictable manner. 

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