Do You Restump Your House with Wooden Stumps Annually? Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should

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Stumping is a crucial part of the construction process, especially in flood-prone areas. The stumps come from sturdy materials such as certain types of cylindrical hardwood. However, some homeowners opt to use metal for their residential house stumping. If you decide to use wooden stumps, you will need to replace them regularly since they are prone to damage. 

Weak stumps can compromise the structural integrity of the house and lead to thousands of dollars in losses. Here are three reasons why you should consider restumping your home as frequent as after every year or so.

1. To Improve the Safety of Your Home

As a homeowner, safety should be your primary concern. A house with strong stumping can withstand all forms of harsh weather. On the other hand, weak stumping exposes your home to the adverse effects associated with extreme weather conditions such as mudslides, hurricanes, snow slides and floods. 

Weak stumps can potentially cave-in and ruin the entire house, which might need a lot of money, time, and materials to restore. For that reason, it is advisable to have your stumps inspected annually. A professional restumping expert will assess the state of the stumps and replace them if necessary.

2. To Keep Your House Above Flood Level

Flooding can cause severe damage to your home. The water might lead to rotting of the floorboards, peeling of the wall paint, furniture destruction and mould growth. When it comes into contact with wiring inside the home, the water might damage your electrical system, or worse still, cause electrocution. 

The best way to avoid flooding catastrophes is by ensuring your stumps are in good shape at all times. Your house will stay above the flood level, and you will not have to deal with unnecessary damage and repair costs.

3. To Create Extra Storage Space

Not many people think about the space under the house as free space to repurpose into a storage area. However, when you have stumped your home correctly, you will have ample space under it, where you can store your clutter. You can even remodel the room and create a daytime relaxation area, a home office or an actual living space.

Checking the condition of your stumps regularly is quite crucial if you live in a flood-prone region. Contact a house restumping company as soon as you realize that your stumps are getting weak. With their help, you will have a safe home free from the detrimental effects of flooding.