Why You Should Always Contact A Commercial Absestos Disposal Company Before You Move Into A New Building

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Everyone has heard about the dreadful little fibre known as asbestos, but what you may not know is that asbestos is still well and truly present in thousands and thousands of buildings across Australia. That is because, for quite a long time, asbestos was a primary component in lots of different building materials, not just insulation. If you are going to sign a lease on a building your company is about to move into then you should always make sure a commercial asbestos disposal company tests it for the deadly fibre. Here are a few reasons why.

Asbestos Can Rear Its Head At Any Time

You may be thinking that if there is asbestos in the building and it didn't affect any of the previous tenants, then it is probably just fine. That may be true, but the fact is that asbestos can present itself in random times. Perhaps a strong gust of wind will blow some of the insulation fibres through a crack in the roof. Maybe some of the bonded asbestos in your tiles will crack and release into the air. Whenever you have asbestos in your building, you are playing a game of Russian roulette; eventually, you will lose. That is why you should always try and take care of asbestos as soon as you can. 

Value Of The Property

You should also want to know if asbestos is present in the building simply because it can lower the value of it. The last thing you want to do is pay an additional fee to clean up the asbestos infected materials and then have to pay to replace them. By getting a commercial asbestos disposal company to test your building for asbestos before you move in, you can negotiate with the current owners regarding who will pick up the tab. Often the owners will not know about the asbestos either and will come to a healthy compromise once the information is presented to them. 

Peace Of Mind

There is no real way to know for sure if your building has asbestos in it or not unless you test it. Asbestos was used widely until the mid-1990s in Australia, and some bonded components lasted long after that. No one wants to submit their employees to a potentially hazardous workspace, and a commercial asbestos disposal test does not cost that much. If you find out asbestos is present, remove it now before you have installed all your equipment and supplies. Reach out to a commercial asbestos disposal professional to learn more.